May 18th-19th, 2018

                                            Sault Ste Marie Ontario



                                Friday, May 18th, 2018 at 0900 hours



  1. Opening Ceremonies- The Provincial Officers will open the Conference in

    due form.


  2. Roll Call- All officers were in attendance



  3. Presentation of Colours:


         4)    Minute of Silence for Departed Members:


                   5)    Introduction of Visitors and Distinguished Guests: GER Deb Sallenback was introduced. Also introduced was Grand Loyal Knight Derek Barkley, Grand Lodge Director Myles Reid as well as Grand Lodge committee chair Michael Hutchison and Grand Lodge Marketing members Pat Clark and Annie Reid


                   6)    Introduction of Past Provincial Presidents:

    Past Presidents were introduced from earliest to latest. PGER Paul Clendenning was also recognized at this time..



    7)    Installation of  Ontario Regional Representatives:

    The Regional Reps were installed by GER Deb Sallenback with the assistance of

    Provincial President Michael Hutchison.


                 The Regional Reps. are:

                                                       Region #1 – Norm Sarrasin

                                                       Region#2- Brian Krauskopf                                                 

                                                       Region #3 –Fred Rosenplot

                                                       Region #4- Carol Hunter


    8)    Opening Remarks  Provincial President Michael Hutchison welcomed the delegates and also thanked his executive.


    9)    Rules of the Day: Section A- Page 3 Read by the President


    10)   Announcements:

              Secretary Pat Clark gave detail of the binder layout, the share the wealth

    Draw and Association pins for sale,


    11)   Committee Appointments: The President will appoint the following:

                      a)   Registration-  Richard Smith

                      b)   Resolutions-   Terry Hunter

                      c)   Scrutineers -   Past Provincial Presidents in attendance

                      d)   Sherriff-  Randy Vincent, Heather Krauskopf, Wayne Sherlock


    12)   Registration Report: (first report to establish a quorum)  Section A- Page 1     

                        Motion    R.Smith/Sherlock  to accept report  CARRIED

    At this time President Hutchison welcomed new attendees to Conference.


    13)   Adoption of the 2017 Conference Minutes

                    Motion T.Hunter/ B.Krauskopf   to adopt the 2017 Conference Minutes as distributed  without reading.   CARRIED


    14)   Correspondence:

                      Motion Pat Clark/ B. Russell   to Table the Correspondence until

                       after lunch break to allow the delegates time to read the lists. CARRIED


    15)   Report of Association Officers: Section C

                              President          Michael Hutchison (Page 1)

                              First Vice         Dave Bowden (Page 2)

                              Second Vice     Randy Vincent (Page 3)

                              Third Vice         Rod MacIntyre (Page 4)


    16)   Report of the Membership Director- Brian Krauskopf (Page 5)


    Motion   Dave Bowden/Jane Misner  to receive the Reports of the Officers and the Membership Chair. CARRIED




    17)   Regional Representatives Reports:

                             - Region #1           Norm Sarrasin (Page 6)

                             - Region #2           Bob Russell (Page 7)

                             - Region #3           Fred Rosenplot (Page 8)

                             - Region #4           Carol Hunter (Page 9)


                Motion   Heather Krauskopf/ Anthony Kadikoff   to accept the Regional Rep Reports. CARRIED


    18)   Report on Lodges under Trusteeship / Supervision:

    - North Bay #25      Pat Clark read report that was sent by Bro. Don Gillis regarding supervision of North Bay lodge.

                                  - Thunder Bay #82  Annie Reid gave an update on Thunder Bay lodge #82.



    19)   New Lodge Development- Bro. Derek Barkley informed the delegates that Cory Blair was looking into the Walkerton area as home to a potential new Ontario lodge.


    20)   Committee Reports:


                         Audit- (Page 11) Read by Bro Don.


                         Treasurers Report - Don Pezzutto

                                   Operating Account: Balance Sheet and Statements of Revenue vs

                                   Expenses (Page 12)


                                   Charity Account: Balance Sheet and Statement of Revenue vs

                                   Expenses (Page 13)


    Motion Vincent/C. Hunter to accept the Audit report, the Operating Account and the Charity Account reports. CARRIED


    23)   Registration Report: ( Section A Page 1)

    Motion R.Smith/ McCulloch to accept registration report.  CARRIED


    24)   Reports Continued-


                Charity Fund- Don Pezzutto (Page 15)


                Charity Fund Raising- Rod MacIntyre (Page 16)


                Conference Site- Pat Clark (verbal)


                Walk-a-Thon- Carol Hunter (Page 18)


     Exalted Ruler Training- Annie Reid (Page 32)


                Judiciary- Terry Hunter (Page 20)


               Publicity / Historian- Heather Krauskopf (Page 21)


               Regional Representative Visitations/Training- Annie Reid (Page 22)


               Esquire Report- Jane Misener  (Page 24)


               VOICE- Shelley Southwell (Page 25)


    Web Site- Myles Reid (Page 31)


    Club 200 Fundraiser- Michael Hutchison (verbal)


              Motion        B. Russell/ MacIntyre        to receive all the reports


    25)   Resolutions- Terry Hunter  Section D


     Motion : by Carol Hunter/Heather Krouskopf to bring Resolution #1 to the floor


    Motion : by Terry Hunter/ Bob Russell to accept Resolution #1 as presented



    Resolution # 2 Provincial Executive will look into cost of insurance and report back to membership


    Resolution # 3 Motion to bring to floor Carl Potter/Lise Lacelle -CARRIED


     Motion : That regulation R 20.1 be amended to read $100 with a separate fee of up to $75.00 for guest . Terry Hunter/Lise Lacelle- CARRIED


    Uncirculated Resolutions


    Resolution #1 brought to floor : Carl Potter/Bob Russell


    Motion; to raise mileage for Provincial Executive travel allowance from 35cents/km to 40cents/km due to increasing costs. Terry Hunter/ Mike Walton  CARRIED


    Resolution #2 brought to floor :Carl Potter/Jane Misner


    Motion: to provide Provincial Executive travel allowance to only one Executive member traveling per vehicle. Paul Clendenning/Fuzzy Pezzutto     DEFEATED




              26)   Update from Grand Lodge- GL executive members Derek Barkley / Myles Reid


            Derek and Myles gave an overview of the duties of the Grand Lodge executive as well as the GL office staff. They also spoke of the many changes in staffing over the last couple of years.


    28)   Outstanding Annual Statistical Reports and / or Financial Reports- None outstanding at this time.


    At this time a website/social media presentation was done by Myles Reid and Heather Krauskopf.


    29)   Unfinished Business:



    30)   Additions: none


    At this time President Hutchison presented the delegates with a 5 minute personality  test activity.


    31) Announcements by the Host Lodge  Bill Rhodes provided the assembly with information regarding the evening agenda.


    32)   Share the Wealth Draw





    Adjourned at 4:02 pm